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    Private table
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Private Dining at NORMAN’S

NORMAN’S offers many types of private dining rooms.

  • Small intimate dinner parties can reserve our semi-private Wine Table which will seat up to 14.  You will be surrounded by four beautiful wine cellars as you enjoy your special event.
  • Our private dining room will seat up to 36 guests.  After a four-course meal, your guests can retire to our outdoor terrace overlooking Greg Norman’s Signature Golf Course.
  • How would you like to enjoy the views of a Florida sunset over the Ritz Carlton Lake? Reserve The Terrace as your private dining venue.  The Terrace will accommodate 110 for dinner and 200 for a reception.
  • Have a larger private dining party?  Reserve our main dining room.  Seating available for 200 or a reception style for up to 400 people.

“If a map of the world were a tablecloth, and I could choose a place at that table, I would sit at the southern tip of Florida, at the nexus of North America and the Caribbean. My plate would touch Cuba, the Florida Keys, the Yucatan, the West Indies, the Bahamas, and South America. And, if time could tell, I would listen to the tales of voyagers, discoverers, traders and mystics who, in searching for “the Indies”, the Great Khan and the riches of China, discovered something much more valuable and enduring; a New World of Culinary Treasures. Almost instantly, the cuisines of the Old World began to merge with foods of this New World; this evolutionary and inexorable fusion lies at the heart of New World Cuisine.”

“Flavors from all four corners of the world…greet you at our doors.”

~Norman Van Aken